My Discord server will be shutting down on the 21st September 2019

Hello ladies and gents,

Today I must inform you all that this Discord server will be shutting down near the end of September.
For now, new registrations have been disabled, but you can continue to use the Discord until the end of the month.

Why am I shutting it down? Well, I am soon about to start my Computer Science degree at University, and after a lot of careful thinking, I have decided to scale back my GmodStore stuff a bit during this time so that I can better focus on my studies. This means that I will be less active in the Gmod community as a whole, and therefore I have decided to close the Discord server as a part of this. However, I have no plans to stop GmodStore at all during this time, and I will be making new products here and there and of course still providing support and updates for existing products.

Announcements will be posted on GmodStore using the announcement feature on the respective script pages.
If you would like to get in contact with me in future, please send a private message on GmodStore.
If you need support, as always, you should go here:

Thank you all for joining and being a part of the community.

Some alternative Discords you may be interested in joining:

GmodStore Discord:
Crident Discord:
GMCHosting Discord:
Garry's Mod Discord:
S&box Discord: